Editorial: I Feel Like An Old Soul Sometimes..

Editorial: I Feel Like An Old Soul Sometimes..

Donny GoinesAlthough I’m only 27 sometimes I feel like I’m more closer to 50 or 60 haha. I don’t know, everything around me nowadays just seems very much catered to a younger demographic and I’m not just talking music either.

Television, magazines, books, etc. all seem to be a little out of touch to me and I have no idea why that is.

Growing up I remember the old heads in my neighborhood constantly referring to the “good ol days” and I always thought that they were just stuck in their ways. Now as I look back I see why they referenced their era so much. Growing up I remember everything so differently. In conversations I joke about it and tell people that I’m “stuck in the 90’s” but maybe I’m just in a nostalgic state of mind. I miss the music I grew up on. I think about the fashion and style of clothing we wore and often times I wish they were still available. I pictures my summers and think about all the good times I use to have growing up in New York. Now it just feels like a distant memory.

I know that you cant relive the past, but sometimes I wish I could. People today make me feel like I’m doing things wrong sometimes, like the way I rap or dress is not the thing to do. It’s funny because I feel exactly the same way about those people haha. I guess that all generations (past, present and future) must change. If they didn’t there would be no progress. Who am I to say that their way of thinking is wrong?

Truthfully, they do exactly what I did when I was their age and it’s expected. It is impossible to “bring it back” but moving forward I think I will revive certain things because that’s just how I feel. If you don’t like it thats fine cause I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for people like me.

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