Editorial: Have You Ever Been To A Real Hip Hop Show?..

Editorial: Have You Ever Been To A Real Hip Hop Show?..

Donny GoinesI’m not talking that sugar coated music that’s out there today. I’m talking about a show where the artists actually PERFORM and entertain the crowd? That’s exactly what I did last night. I went to Duck Down show at SOB”s (legendary spot in NYC) and honestly I had a really good time, not as a rapper but as a fan of music.

I was chosen as a finalist to perform that night (but I didn’t win) so instead I was on the sidelines that night. There were a lot of other dope artist in the building. Skyzoo, Torae, NYOIL and many more. I got to chop it up abit with them and a few others as well. It was hosted by Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 (funny guy in person) who I got the chance to speak with briefly. The show started off with my boy NYOIL and as always, he gave a great performance. I’ve actually had the opportunity to perform along side him before so I knew what to expect for the most part, but then he did something which I thought was really dope. He bought out his 16 year old daughter to perform on stage along side him. That dude is real MC and you gotta admire somebody like that.

Next up was a group called “The Agency” and I thought there performance was hot too. They were a band with a female lead vocalist, dancers in maid outfits and all. Loved there showmanship and music. Next up was a newcomer by the name of O’Neil McKnight. He hit the stage with the one and only Greg Nice (if you don’t know who this is you ain’t Hip Hop homie haha) and he COMMANDED the stage. Quite possibly the best performer all night but I expect nothing less from a legend. After that the Kidz in the Hall took the stage (Double O whats good?) and as always gave a great performance.

I really like what those guys are doing musically. Way ahead of many others out there. Following their performance, GC and the Soul Mafia came on and RIPPED it. They are sorta like a Rock/Rap band infused or some shit haha but they were dope. Last but not least the headliner came on. None other then Buckshot himself with the whole team. Like Greg Nice, I already knew what to expect from this guy and he delivered with an surgeon precision. I left after he ran through most of his records but he also gave one hell of a performance.

Some of these names you might not know. They might not sell a million plus records or ringtones but one thing is for certain. They know how to put on a great show.

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