Editorial: Hang With Five Broke Niggas And You Bound To Be The Sixth..

Editorial: Hang With Five Broke Niggas And You Bound To Be The Sixth..

What’s goodie street family, I figured this week I would tackle an issue that several artist face…how do you motivate people on your team? Most people tell me “yo Sparks, why is it I go hard at this music shit but motherfuckers on my team are lazy” or “why is it I seem to want success more than the people around me”. My answer is simple KEEP IT MOVIN LIKE FOSTER KIDS. Ain’t nuthin worse than bein around a bunch of broke ass unmotivated niggas that ain’t about shit sittin round in they momma crib talkin bout “son anyday now I’m gonna blow son”.

I think a lot of times motherfuckers get caught up in that theory that if they grind hard enough eventually the people around them will be influenced by their sense of desire…nigga please.

Nine times out of ten the mufuckers around you influence you. The reality of it is that if you hang with five broke niggas you’ll be the sixth. My advice to anyone is to surround yourself with individuals that share your drive and flare for whatever it is you want in life. Myself and my boy Dave Barz was talkin about this shit last week. See, it ain’t rocket science or geometry, the shit is actually very basic… surround yourself with winners if you want to win. Let’s be clear, every winning team wins. Because of TEAM effort. The Bulls won not only because of Jordan, but because aybody played their position, BJ Armstrong shootin the three, Bill Cartwright’s ol ass grabbin rebounds in the paint, Scottie bein a fake ass jordan comin thru in the clutch and yada yada yada.

Now if Jordan was tryin to do it all for dolo it wouldn’t have worked. That’s why I’m tellin ya’ll you need winners around you. Your team doesn’t have to be filled with Jordans, but if everybody is at least willing to play their position and play it well you’ll be straight. You may not win the championship, but you’ll at least make the playoffs ya dig.

– K. Sparks

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