Editorial: Ego’s Are Career Killers..

Editorial: Ego’s Are Career Killers..

Donny GoinesYou know if you ask anyone about me I’m sure most people will tell you the same exact thing.

I’m very down to earth and humble (although stating this defeats the purpose and is very hypocritical haha) but I cant STAND people who aren’t.

Ego’s run rampant in this business. Most of these Artists, Managers, Exec’s, etc. carry themselves as if there almighty and shit but like anybody else, they can hit the bottom just as quick as they rose to the top.

Before my music career, before all of this “fame” I’ve always been popular wherever I was and I NEVER treated people as if I was better then them. Ever. Mainly because I know that when you act in the manner it will come back and bite you in the ass (there are many people out there now baring those wounds haha).

Dame Grease called me the “Poor man’s MC” one day and I thought is was a fitting name. I have always represented the people no matter what field I was in and I truly believe in that kind of attitude. I am very approachable and don’t really “play the game” so to speak like most of these assholes.

No matter how far I make it, how many records I sell, always know that I am the kind of artist who will never have an outrageous ego because I really need to retire to a cozy desk one day haha. Much love.

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