Donny Goines – New York City Interview

Donny Goines

Donny Goines is an up and coming rapper from New York City.

He has worked hard and started his career in music January 06. To date he has recorded over 60 tracks with production from producers such as Disco D (R.I.P) Kwame, Ron Browz, Scram Jones, Neek Rusher and Fury among others.

HHL: What up Donny.. how you feeling today?

Im doing good man, just taking it easy today.

HHL: What have you been working on lately?

Lately, I’ve been working on my music behind the scenes. Working with different producers, studios and things like that. I have also been performing and promoting myself.

HHL: Can you tell us what actually pushed you to drop that “Fuck New York” joint?

Well alot of things really but I guess you can say the straw that broke the camels back was when this promoter had told me I had to dress “Grown & Sexy” to perform at his show where DJ Funkmaster Flex and DJ Camillio were spinning. Of course I looked at him like he was a idiot and turned him down. That would have been a great opportunity for me and I knew at that point I had to speak on the issue.

The truth of the matter is I love New York city. Its my home, But the majority people that are representing us as a whole make us look bad. Not everybody in New York wears tight jeans and motorcycle chains. Not everyone in New York hates the South or imitates them and not all of us are followers and dickriders. All of these things made me write that song.

HHL: Since when have you got this great passion in rapping?

Since I saw the movie “Fade to Black” starring Jay Z. Watching that movie really ignited the passion within me and really motivated me. I wrote a song about it called “Inspiration” that very night. I always rapped and did music before but it was at that moment my life took a turn.

HHL: Whats your dream record label?

In all honesty, there are alot of labels I like for alot of different reasons but aslong as the money is straight and I can make music they way I make music Im good with any of them. If your reading this and interested make an offer. 

HHL: Do you have any artist you will definately want to do a track with?

Jay Z, Eminem, Nas are defintly a few. But I would work with any artist no matter of there status aslong as they make great music and take there craft seriously. I just like to make great music, no matter who Im doing it with.

HHL: This reminds us about the track you did dissin The Source Magazine, what actually happened?

Im not gonna get into the all the details of it, but long story
short I won a online contest given by the Source magazine. I won and they reniged on the prize which was an unsigned hype article. At the end of the day, it is what it is and it just made me a stronger person and a stronger artist.

HHL: Among all your recorded tracks, is there any exact track you would like to get it to the surface?

Thats easy. I have a track record produced by J.R Rotem called “The Prologue” and its serious. I talk about my life, the struggles and pain and hold nothing back. Its a track that will help anyone understand who I am as a person and why I act certain ways. One of my best, I dont have the clearance to release it yet tho.

HHL: Its been a real pleasure talking with you, is there anything you would you like to tell your true fans?

To continue to support me and tell others about me. I love all of you and without you there is no me. Check me out at and much love to for interviewing me. God Bless.

This is an HHL Sole Exclusive Interview

 – By Glish (HHL Staff)

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