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A Hip-Hopper who’s becoming legendary with every flow. Du Kelly p/k/a Doitall one third of the members of the hiphop trio LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND shows that he still has the lyrical acrobatics as he once displayed on classics records like CHIEF ROCKA, & FUNKY CHILD. With the music industry constantly changing he has maintained by securing independent film & television roles such as 30 Rock (NBC), Law & Order (NBC), Soprano’s (HBO), OZ (HBO).

Some might wonder where this Hip-Hopper has been and he answers with his solo debut “AMERICAN DU” This album is part of what Doitall calls ADULT CONTEMPORARY HIP-HOP (ACHH). With appearances by Mr. Cheeks (lost Boyz), Treach (NBN), Masta Ace, Craig G, The poet Black Ice, Ed OG, Grand Daddy I.U. Shaheim (WU) and production by Pete Rock, Scott Storch, Fokus, Ric Notes, Illastrate, Lady Drama, & other up and coming producers.

In The Words Of Doitall Du Kelly: “THE HUNGER IN MY VOICE MAKES ME SOUND LIKE I’M STARVING” – Thanks for taking time to do this interview for

HipHopLEAD: Whats Popping Doitall?

Doitall: Man there are alot of tings gwan! (laughs)…Just hustling like a 70’s Dance.

HipHopLEAD: Lords of the Underground are a big eastcoast foundation…..But alot of newschool hiphop listeners may not know….So let the fans that dont know where you’re reppin?

Doitall: LOTUG is a crew which was discovered by Derek (LA) Jackson who is now Scott Storch manager and also found the Roots. He took us to his cousin Marley Marl & we became one of the premier groups of what they call the Golden era or age of HipHop. Doitall & Mr. Funke Man are from Newark NJ, & Dj Lord Jazz is from Cleveland, Ohio.

HipHopLEAD: Interesting. What made yall pick the name Lords of the Underground?

Doitall: The name was said by a Rapper who was down with Marley, Tragedy (The Intelligent Hoodlum) or Tragedy Khadafi as he’s called now, in a freestyle and that’s how we got our name. So big shouts to Trag! & the entire Queens Bridge.

HipHopLEAD: Chief Rocka was a big hit in the 90’s… its over a decade later. In your opinion if a song like that dropped one month from now what do you think the reaction would be?

Doitall: Chief Rocka has stood the test of time and the fans label it a classic. When it comes on til this day it get’s a great reaction, So that shows me if it was to come out right now The people would support it. I have had 15 & 16 year old kids come to me saying that the song is their joint & they weren’t even born when it was released so it would still rock!

HipHopLEAD: I agree timeless music will always stand the test of time. Speaking of time do you like how hiphop has evolved since then?

Doitall: At one time I was dissappointed with the younger generation of how they were using the art. Until I started to check myself on what the HipHop Culture is to me. The hipHop Culture is an artform where the elements of it expresses how you live the culture. Rap music is just an expression of how one lives the culture thru music. When I looked at it that way I could no longer be mad at someone for the way they were living the culture, and with that being said it also showed me that I didn’t relate to alot of the younger generations music and that’s why I didn’t like it.

I still and always will love hiphop but I relate to it differently than I did when I was 18. I am a grown ass man & I don’t do the “Stanky leg” or I dont “Superman a hoe”, no disrespect to the artist who made those songs, but the older hiphop lovers don’t do those things. You have Doctors, Lawyers, regular 9 to 5ers, Mothers & Fathers who love hiphop, but have very few choices to listen to. The music I do now I call it ACHH (Adult Contemporary HipHop) this for anyone who considers his or herself an adult.

HipHopLEAD: Your new solo album is dropping May 4th, titled “American Du”. Do you feel that dropping a solo album showcases you as an artist more?

Doitall: I think that my solo album will show a side of my artistry that has not been completely seen. Meaning in a group there are alot of compomises. When you are solo the only one that you have to make a compromise with is yourself. So will they get more of Doitall YES!

HipHopLEAD: What is your favorite song on the project and why?

Doitall: American Du takes it back to the complete album days. So all of the joints are my favorites for different reasons. I usually let the fans tell me what their favorites are.

HipHopLEAD: It’s been a while since something like that has been on the streets. Complete albums are hard to find. Your video “Surrender” (Produced by Pete Rock) is an internet smash! How does it feel to recieve such a positive reaction in this hiphop climate??

Doitall: I would be lying if I didn’t say that it feels Effin Great!! As an artist that’s one of the goals to get people to enjoy what you create. Big shout out to GreenHausFilms, Lord Gang Worldwide,, Alkatraxx & everyone who made this video happen. I’ve been doing my homework and have been strategically place myself back in the public eye so the fans & new fan know that I am real & Relavant.

HipHopLEAD: We heard rumors your 2nd single is a club smash. The song called “Yeah” with DJ Kool. Is there any truth to that rumor? And if so, some people might be thrown off hearing Doitall with a club record. Is this more real hiphop club music or Ron Browz type of music?

Doitall: Hmmmmmm…….(laughs)….Those rumors are true. I guess you can call “Yeah”, a club smash. Big Shouts to Dj Kool. “YEAH”, is just a fun HipHop song with an uptempo beat produced by Be-Life. The way I was taught by Marley Marl was as long as the beat is uptempo they will play it in the club, and that you don’t have to necessarily say or put a club scene in your video for it to be banging in the clubs. BUT I GUARANTEE YOU THIS “Yeah” should be in all the club DJ’s sets. So no this song shouldn’t throw anyone off who knows Doitall, because once they really listen to it & see the visual they’ll know I’m just having fun.

HipHopLEAD: After this album drops whats next for you?

Doitall: Well I’m still doing the acting thing. Bout to do a movie in Las Vegas called DEAD WRONG & I have an artist that I am working with along with Alkatraxx called The Phenom Cartel. I am also an Executive in Mike Biv’s(New Edition & BBD) Sporty Rich company. We have a tv show called The Mike Biv Talent Search coming & I am the CEO of a branding & Marketing Media company called Lord Gang Worldwide, as well as the Dj coaliton Lord Gang Dj’z. So I have been really busy. I have a new label deal where I can put out new talent so I am looking for that new it factor person whether hiphop or R&B.

HipHopLEAD: You dropped a mixtape with Tha Advocate and called “The Hunger In My Voice”. The reaction was good and according to it had tons of downloads. How will this album differ from the mixtape?

Doitall: Man that mixtape still goes hard!! Big up to Tha Advocate, that’s my dude, & Ballerstatus. The Hunger Mixtape was just a reminder to those who haven’t heard me in a while that I still gets it in! That I still can dunk the ball & shoot the 3. (laughs)l…..The American Du album is more conceptualized material. I guess the differance is it took me a week to do Hunger in my Voice Mixtape & it took me a year to put together “American Du”.

(download mixtape here)

HipHopLEAD: Speaking of the mixtape you did a remix tribute to 2pac’s song, “Pain” with Raskass. How did that record come about?

Doitall: The homie Advo said his man had a vocal of Pac that he was bout to put a beat to and Advo asked me what was my relationship with Pac. Which I am glad he asked me that, because I don’t like when rappers try to use dead rappers to help their careers out. I really knew Pac & I am cool with the Outlawz. Fatal met Pac at one of my parties, & Noble is my fam, his first limo Ride was with Lords.

Napolean was down with rolling around with Lords before Pac. I miss Pac, but yeah Lords had a relationship with the homie before he passed. So it was only right that I jumped on the track cause I know Pac would have did it if he was alive. Big ups to Ras Kass as well, I called him up sent him the track & he jumped on it.

HipHopLEAD: We know you have dabbled with TV ( “30 Rock” ,”Law & Order”,”Oz”,”New York Undercover”, The Sopranos” ) and movies. Can we expect to see anymore of that from you?

Doitall: Yes sir! I am jumping in the Producers chair now. I am starting to produce independant movies. “DEAD WRONG”, directed by Rubin Whitmore II is one of the first features.

HipHopLEAD: It’s good you are keeping busy and staying relevant nowerdays. Most artists stay in there era and never branch out, but your new works prove to be a testament of relevance. In closing let the fans know where they can pre order and order your album?

Doitall: It truly is a blessing that I am being accepted. I guess when you are being genuine how can someone really front on you. Also I am not scared to be creative and I STILL DOES THIS WITH THE BEST OF THEM. I don’t look at HipHop like I’m suppose to stop because I am older especially if I am better than alot of the new dudes coming out!!! With that being said…….May 4th.

Let’s show the world that HipHop fans still support an Indy artist who still goes hard! “AMERICAN DU” everywhere but you can cop it early on Amazon.

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