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DJ Drama

Hip Hop Lead recently spoke to DJ Drama to enlighten us about Search for the Coldest MC, what it takes to be the Next big thing as an MC and also about his upcoming album “Quality Street Music”.

Coors Light Search for the Coldest, a national hip-hop talent search, is back, giving up-and-coming MCs their time to shine. In its second year, Coors Light Search for the Coldest has partnered with hip-hop heavy-hitters DJ Drama and DJ Khaled, along with industry pioneer, Ice Cube, to find the “Coldest” MC in the country.

Search for the Coldest will be conducted via online submissions and high-octane events in hip-hop heavy cities, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Charlotte. The grand finale will be held in the birthplace of hip-hop, New York, where celebrity judges, DJ Drama, DJ Khaled and Ice Cube will decide who will be crowned the “Coldest” MC. Fans also have the opportunity to win trips to the ESSENCE Music Festival in New Orleans and to the final battle in New York.

Hip Hop Lead: Whats Gud Drama?

DJ Drama: Hey whats up

Hip Hop Lead: We good.. So, talking about search for The Coldest MC, can you give us a brief insight about it?

DJ Drama: Well, basically its myself, DJ Khaled and Ice Cube, we are looking for the coldest MC in the country, and by searching we are going to various big cities, looking to find somebody who has Lyrical abilities to hang with the finest, who has the charisma, who has the personality, who has that hip hop hit factor that can be one of the greats, the coldest.

Hip Hop Lead: So what exactly do you look for in an MC to define as “The Coldest”?

DJ Drama: Uhm, im looking for somebody who, you know, pound for pound can go bars for bars, and its also important if they have a good song and a good hook, also most important for me is content, lyrics or creativity, i also want to see the confidence when they get on the stage, getting direction with the crowds, its pretty much that, that makes an MC.

Hip Hop Lead: Talking of those caracteristics, is there any artist out now that upcoming cats can take as example?

DJ Drama: Well, i don’t want them to judge to, based on my opinion, but some of the guys that i consider good out now, could be Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, uhm, J. Cole, you know guys to me that brought alot quality hip hop back to the forefront of our culture.

You know, its not just a catchy song, its not just a dance, its lyrics, what alot of hip hop is based on and even if you going verses on that its not necessary lyrics, just also guys who are creative enough to bring content to the table and still make a young lady shake her behind (laughs). You know what happens in the club, making sure that everybody is dancing, thats all combined that makes them the coldest.

Hip Hop Lead: (laughs), Definitely. Imma ask you a real quick quick question, we getting a bit off topic. Many cats on the come up and some fans aswell are talking about a certain “ILLUMINATI” conspiracy, what do you think about it?

DJ Drama: Yea, i don’t know nothing about it neither, I didn’t get my membership card yet.

Hip Hop Lead: (laughs) Lets get back to us, any personal words of advise for upcoming MCs?

DJ Drama: You know, important is to study the game, love the culture, and not neccesary worry about money, its something that, you defintely have to study the game and feel those who came before you and those who are out now and look at your competition, spot what might be missing and what you can offer.

Music is a passion, its a feel, i think thats something alot of people forget over time when they are trying to get into the game.

Hip Hop Lead: Lets talk about your personal projects, you have anything new coming out this year?

DJ Drama: Yeah, im actually working on a new album called “Quality Street Music“, yea been working on it for the last couple months, i plan on releasing it in July/August, it will be my 4th album, i dropped my first street single off that called “We In This B*tch”, with Young Jeezy, T.I., Ludacris & Future, video directed by Benny Boom, i also dropped the remix out featuring Drake.

Also gat alot of great features, alot of new artists, some of the Coldest MC’s in the game and just recently dropped alot of mixtapes including Jadakiss’ tape, Meek Mill’s tape and most recently 50 Cent’s tape, so you know, im steady keeping it heavy on the street, at the same time doing my radio shows, travelling around and keeping the music alive.

Hip Hop Lead: Awesome.. Can you reveal names of some artists confirmed to be on “Quality Street Music”?

DJ Drama: Yeah, Kendrick Lamar is on it, Kid Ink is on, Cee-Lo Green, Meek Mill and 2 Chainz.

Hip Hop Lead: How about the production side?

DJ Drama: Oh yeah, alot of great producers man, Hit Boy, Cardiak, Boi-1da, T-Minus, yea alot of great producers.

Hip Hop Lead: Wonderful, alright Drama, nice having you with us, all the best.

DJ Drama: My pleasure, i appreciate it. Shouts out to and the homie Glishy.

Visit for details on how to enter and to vote.

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