Dolla Funeral Pictures (Rest In Perfect Peace Boy)

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Fri, 29th May, 2009





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Dolla’s cousin Scrapp DeLeon said Dolla did not fear death and wanted people to wear white and celebrate his life at his funeral.

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  1. Jeffrey_impraim says:

    My heart is burning like fire of the sudden death that has happen to Dolla, May your  the lord God find a way for you… We shall meet once again… REST IN PERFECT PEACE DOLLA, WE WILL ALL MAKE A TOAST AT THE PARADISE OK…

  2. Cassidy says:

    dammm =( i miss him sooo much…..Whyd he have too leave its soo hard to believe the fact that roderick is gone r.i.p baby yu will never be forgotten. i lovee you hope too see yu when its my time.

  3. karenyse says:

    I LOVE YOU DOLLA!!!!!!! R.I.P. giving all ma lovee to his family . only got to see him once but i feel lyk i know him.Aubrey Louis Berry burn in h***

  4. cassia says:

    truely sory to rodericks family, hope you find peace wit this one day. i truely do believe wot goes around comes around, so the person who did this will surely pay, the circle/cycle just keeps going and going, dolla mite have done sumting to sumone and this is his pay bak but now dat faggots takin his life so its now his turn for judgement!!! love you dolla, sleep in peace now. much love-one love xx

  5. ke says:

    Man all i got to say is Dolla RIP man he was just getting his career started and that man had to take away his life. I think thats B****! Why do everything have to end in violence every time you turn on the tv you hear about a young man getting killed i tired of it. Dolla was very talented and to the family keep your head up Roderick burton AKA dolla will be missed not just through his music but in his fans heart. RIP DOLLA!

  6. Annette says:

    Love U Dolla gone but never forgotten!! your forever in my heart!! to his family keep your head up!!! I’m sure he’s in a better place!!!

  7. Deshira says:

    …..Im jus sittin here listenin to bedroom bully nd thinkin….i wish mii babii could be here…..even though i didnt get to meet him personally…i felt lyke i knew him through his music……ive cried….alot much luv to the family (to dolla) dnt worry imma hld it down for you here….u will be remembered promise

  8. DORIANNA says:

    theres not a niqht dat qoes by dat i dnt dream of yu bae or a day dat i dnt think abou yu bby.yu mean the world to me i will qreatly qive up my last breath jus so yu kan take one more i dnt think is fair dat yu had to leave me bbybut yu was way to fuckin’ qudd to b here any way just save my sopt rite beside yu bby i miss yur silly baby smile i love yu always livin’ for yu bae.n uma hold yu down n make sure nobody forqet about my heart(you)R.I.P RODERICK ANTHONY BURTON II..ILY BABY-*DORAINNA(WIFEY)

  9. Enersha says:

    he was so dam fine man who ever killed him they goin to hell just for hatein on the dam boy cause he was doin it big i cant get over the fact that he is gone but i know dolla loves all his fans to death even if he aint here but RIP i love you dolla

  10. brittany says:

    I am so sorry about what happen to the family is very torn and his mom is probably crying every night becauseshe miss her beautiful son so much and i just want say i am sorry for the family’s lost and

    • jameka says:

      I feel so bad what happen 2 him dis go out 2 the family. keep your head up keep praying leave your life he watch over u I real think he want u 2 still love him but keep leave ur life.

  11. jeanine says:

    R.I.P Dolla…. its really sad that your life ended at such a young age. I really wish these young boys ( not men) put the guns down and use their fists. if you lose, be a big boy about it and go on your way but if you win more power to you. However, taking anyone’s life over dumb a@@ sh@t is stupid as hell!!!!!!!!!. It doesnt make you a man or bad all it says is your a coward and you are really weak and some one is going to take you life in the near future. To these weak a@@ punks, all ways remember what goes around, come back around!!!!!!!!!!