Review: Ja Rule – “The Mirror” The Album LP..

Ja Rule – The Mirror
Review: Ja Rule
“The Mirror” The Album LP..
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Ja Rule - The MirrorArtist: Ja Rule

Title: The Mirror

Label: Motown

Realease Date: 13-November-2007

The Mirror is the seventh album of rapper Ja Rule. It is scheduled to be released on November 13, 2007 in the United States.

Ja Rule stated in a interview that there are seventeen tracks and only a few guest appearances because he wanted The Mirror to be about him.

In an interview with SOHH, Ja Rule commented on the album:

The whole industry is so focused on beefin’ with each other – it’s like the WWF of rap right now. I’m stepping out of the arena. I don’t want to be a wrestlin’ rapper. Somebody’s got to come in and make it positive. You have to make records that make people feel like having a good time. This record is like my confessions, I’m shedding my skins. The Mirror is your only real moment of truth. It’s the place where everybody can go and be honest with themselves.

Tracks List:
1. Uh-Ohhh! (ft. Lil Wayne)
2. Body (ft. Ashley Joi)
3. Father Forgive Me
4. Rules of Engagement
5. Sing a Prayer for Me (ft. Boxie)
6. Ladies
7. Judas
8. Something New (ft. Vita)
9. Hearsay
10. Abandoned
11. Sunset (ft. The Game)
12. Damn
13. 300
14. Message to Mankind
15. Mirror
16. Judas
17. Sing A Prayer For Me

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