E-40 & Too Short – History (Mob Music & Function Music)

E-40 & Too Short – History (Mob Music & Function Music)
E-40 & Too Short
History (Mob Music & Function Music)
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History (Mob Music & Function Music) is the upcoming collaborative studio album by E-40 and Too Short, and it is set to be released on November 6, 2012.

It will be released in two pairs (2 CD) History: Mob Music and History: Function Music.

The album features guest appearances from Tyga, Cousin Fik, Knotch, Travis Porter, Young Chu, Turf Talk, Wiz Khalifa, Sugafree, Dolla Will, Decadez, Wifey, DJ Upgrade, Ice Cube, Knotch, B-Legit, Kurupt, Beeda Weeda, and Rankin Scroo.


Mob Music
01. We Are Pioneers
02. Sheesh
03. Fire Fighter (feat. Knotch)
04. Whip Out
05. Money Motivated
06. Ballin’ Is Fun (feat. B-Legit)
07. Ride With Me
08. Do You Remember? (feat. Kurupt)
09. Street Money
10. My Stapler
11. I Don’t Work For Nobody
12. Ask About Me (feat. B-Legit)
13. If We Ain’t Fuckin’
14. Gang of ‘Em (feat. Beeda Weeda & Rankin Scroo)
15. Knockin’ A Bitch
16. Pancherellos
17. Stressin’

Function Music
01. This Shit Pound
02. Slide Through (feat. Tyga)
03. Smoke That Shit
04. Let’s Have A Party (feat. Cousin Fik & Knotch)
05. Dump Truck (feat. Travis Porter & Young Chu)
06. Singles
07. Entrepreneur
08. Bout My Money (feat. Turf Talk)
09. Say I (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
10. Workin’ the Trunk
11. West Coast Shit (feat. Ice Cube)
12. One Foot (feat. Sugafree)
13. Check That Bitch
14. Everyday
15. Lemme See You Twerk (feat. Dolla Will & Decadez)
16. Toasted
17. Cali (feat. Wifey & DJ Upgrade)

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