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Cam Ron
Crime Pays
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Crime Pays is the sixth studio album of Diplomats’ founder and rapper Cam’ron, scheduled to be released May 12, 2009.

After a two-year hiatus from the industry due mainly to his mother having health complications, many feuds with high profile MC’s and internal rifts with some of his own fellow Diplomats members and industry politics, Crime Pays is Cam’ron’s first studio album in almost exactly three years, as 2006’s Killa Season was released on May 16.

(I Hate) My Job, the rapper’s first video in two years released to the internet in January 2009, shows a more mature approach to life in an economically struggling America. Though “I Hate My Job” was not intended to be a single, the response to the song was so positive that it was released as a single on March 10, 2009.

1. Crime Pays Intro
2. Cookin’ Up
3. Where I Know You From
4. Fuck Cam #1
5. Never Ever
6. Curve
7. Silky (No Homo)
8. Get It In Ohio
9. Who
10. Grease Skit
11. You Know What’s Up (Feat. C.O. & Sky Lynn)
12. Spend The Night
13. Fuck Cam #2
14. Woo Hoo (featuring 40 Cal.)
15. Chalupa
16. Cookies & Apple Juice (Feat. Byrd Lady & Skitzo)
17. (I Hate) My Job
18. Homicide
19. Fuck Cam #3
20. Got It For Cheap
21. Get It Get It
22. Bottom of the Pussy
23. Fuck Cam #4

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