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Lil Wayne – Nino Brown Story (Road To Rikers 6)

Watch some Lil Wayne moments before he’s set to get in jail. Already with 6 Parts released. Check the whole series here.

Lil Wayne Raps Over Other MCs Tracks ‘Because It’s Cheaper’

‘The producers be wanting their money,’ Weezy says in ‘The Nino Brown Story Pt. 2′ footage. DJ Scoob Doo provided us with the preview footage (showing the MC recording and talking about his early years in the game) from his DVD, “The Nino Brown Story Pt. 2,” and he recently told us that he was […]

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Lil Wayne Talks Of New Mixtape “No Ceilings” Leak

MTV got Lil Wayne talking about his No Ceilings mixtape. “I don’t like to do real songs on there, ’cause the producers be wanting their money,” he told DJ Scoob Doo about beat jacking. “So I just do sh– that’s already out. It’s easier. N—as be like, ‘You killed that n—a on his own song.’ […]